Yolanda Fernandes Ly

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Yolanda Fernandes was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She spent her formative years living in the Middle east and India and traveling East Asia. From a young age she showed a distinct interest in the arts and her parents nurtured her abilities through various art programs. In 1995 she moved to Canada and received a Diploma from Sheridan College and Seneca College for Art Fundamentals and Digital Media Arts in 2003.

Due to unforeseen circumstances her dream of being an artist was put on hold.  Her priorities were shifted thus pushing her passion for art to a hobby as she dealt with life’s many adventures.

For over the next decade Yolanda found a career within the medical and orthodontic fields. She had various roles and responsibilities that enabled her to use her creative background to support the organizations creative design and marketing needs.

In 2015, Yolanda made a career change.  Although she benefitted from a successful career in the orthodontic field, she decided it was time to move on, and focus her attention to art.

Yolanda experiments with many different techniques, and utilizes various mediums and materials to achieve the desired effect. She appreciates working with ink, water-colors, gouache, pastels, color pencils and more, but has a special preference for acrylic paints. She loves to balance unique colors, with movement, energy and texture. She also mixes traditional forms of art with modern digital elements.

Yolanda’s time spent residing in the Middle East and India, and travelling to visually stunning countries like Thailand and Maldives, has greatly influenced her work. Much of her work is nature themed, since that is where she finds the most inspiration. However, being a mom of three has sparked a whole new series of children’s art.

Yolanda’s work has been displayed at the Cultural Expressions Art Gallery, Artusiasm Art Gallery, Hashtag gallery and more.  She will  be showcasing her work at many more events in the city.  Check out the UPCOMING EVENTS page for where to see her next!  Follow on social media as Yolanda’s collection grows as she continues to work from her home studio.

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