Rea Kelly

Booth 18

I was born in Montreal and grew up with a father who was an art lover and Sunday water colourist. That must be where I got the urge to express myself through painting, because I did my first portrait at age 16.

I think it’s not so bad for a sixteen year old with zero training.

At any rate, the bug took hold and as I began to explore the world of art more fully I became captivated by the emotions and images rendered by Matisse, Klee, Klimt and The Impressionists. Colour and texture became my signature.

My inspirations and muses in that realm come from a wide variety of artists, styles and centuries: Mozart, Kaffi Fasset, Respighi, Balanchine, Twyla Tharp, Kodo drummers.

I’m inspired by landscapes and the infinite range of colours, textures and changing moments in the natural world. I see stained glass geometry in fall’s sumachs, feel ballerinas in June’s poppy blooms, and hear shattering crystal when I paint the brittle fall winds cutting through barren branches. The changing seasons provide unending sources of influence via wild temperature fluctuations, storms, blustery days and hot summer days.

The earth, sky and water of Canada are etched into my being, but I’m also gripped by the images my mind captures when daydreaming or traveling.

Please browse through my gallery, and if you’d like to order, there’s an app for that (or at least a ‘buy now’ button).

I am also available for commission work.

I have done few commissions so far, but as we up- or downsize our living spaces, at times an odd-shaped or odd-sized piece of art is what is required. Let’s chat.

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Many thanks,
Rea Kelly

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