Peter Schacht

Booth 36

Peter Schacht is a Kitchener-based visual artist who attended Sheridan College in Oakville majoring in Interpretive Illustration.  His visual works are created using Graphite, Acrylic, Oil and Molding Paste on carefully selected hand-carved pieces of wood.  

His fascination with the human and animal condition continues to challenge him when interpreting such moving themes of personal strength, growth and change within our daily existence.  Inspiration is found in stories past and present that share and reveal how living organisms are connected to one another and how they thrive everyday.  These stories often leave an impression, whether it’s the emotional, physical or spiritual connections within life found around him or those imagined and read in various publications.  Recent works have portrayed his love for portraiture combined with his passion for storytelling when applied to the theme of “relationships”.  In Peter’s latest work the focus has turned towards “wild and very stylized” flowers integrating his own vision and creativity.  Each unique new pieces is part of a series, entitled: “The Neighbor’s Side”.

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