Pamela Mayhew

Booth 38

Pamela Mayhew grew up in a creative household where artistic questions were posed, art was practiced and curating was a way of life. Her grandmother, mother, aunt and uncle were artists. Her father was a collector. Art and design were everywhere!!!

Pam grew up in Ottawa; a creative household where artistic practice, design and curatorship were the norm. Summers were spent in the sunny Okanagan where the joy of light, colour and beauty of landscape instilled meaning about the “power and sense of place.”

At the University of Ottawa she studied painting and art history. Painting ‘plein air” with Ken Lochhead as well as the influence of the Quebec abstractionists were highlights. For her thesis year she travelled and painted in the jungles of Columbia and returned to school to paint large abstract murals. It is this expression of form, colour and large scale that she has recently returned to.

Pam carried on to study interior design, form a practice and remain connected to the art world. Later she completed a masters in art education at the University of Victoria.

At this time, 2017, Pam is back into painting with a focus on re-creating, shifting and adapting her art career to encompass all of her histories.

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