Nancy Bennett

Booth 24

The sky is my muse.

No matter what’s happening, if we take a moment and look up, really look, we gain perspective. Where are we in this picture? What’s happening up there? What do we really see? What could we choose to focus on? Just take a moment, look at the sky.

I paint using oil paints for the clarity and vibrancy of the colours.
I paint on wood panels for the freedom I feel to push, scrape and slap the paint. The surface can stand up to me and push back.
I paint with a knife for its ability to force the paint and to bend to the board.

I’m a self-schooled artist. I’ve studied under several Toronto artists in formal and informal settings. I’ve used those teachings as a springing-off point to my own processes in my work.
I’m co-founder of Four Corners Studio in Riverside/Leslieville.
My work is held in private and corporate collections in Canada and the U.S.A.

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