Nadine Prada

Booth 35

Nadine Prada is lucky to be alive. She survived an 8.8 earthquake in 2010 and left her high profile job as a multi-award-winning art director to devote her life to art making. Nadine’s work captures the awe, energy and wonder of what it feels like to be fully present in a place through the five senses, and how that can lead to experiences of transcendence.

Inspired by her travels and memories of her childhood in the Caribbean, Prada works most often in watermedia and thinks of her paintings as “happenings”, events that are built up in layers and frozen in paint. Nadine has recently been featured in The Toronto Star, Novella Magazine’s Art Hot List, and The Creator’s Journey podcast (alongside bestselling authors like Gretchen Rubin, Jonathan Fields and former bosses Nancy Vonk & Janet Kestin). In 2012, she was named one of 50 “Artists to watch” in Toronto by Her work has been internationally shown and collected since 1999.

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