Maggie MacInnis

Booth 60

Maggie MacInnis was born in 1975 to military parents in Lahr Germany.  Do to the nomadic nature of the military, she was blessed to have experienced many different parts of our planet.  That spirit of exploration and discovery has never left her.  Although she now has resided in the small town of Keswick, Ontario for ten plus years with her husband and son, she still wanders; on foot and by canoe.

In her art making she is just as adventurous, experimenting in many different mediums and techniques.  Digital printmaking and sculpture being the most central focus of her practice.  Her interests which in a generalized sense is post humanism, nature and sciences, stem from the common life questions of:  Why are we (humans) here?  How did we come to be?  Is there a purpose?  What really is the human experience?

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