Lori Ryerson

Booth 23


My photography is usually the result of serendipity. Although it does happen occasionally, I don’t usually go out with a preconceived shot in my head, seeking a specific arrangement of things that tell that exact story. Rather, I keep my eyes and mind open for an alignment of things that convey their story to me. I look for the narrative in an abandoned urban landscape, with its fading echoes of lives lived.  I travel to places that fill me with awe and wonder at our universe, reminding me that it took eons to create these vast landscapes. I seek to convey how, in the grand scheme of things, we humans have barely a grain of significance against Mother Nature’s timeline. These are the stories I look to tell through my lens.

The way I present my photographs in printed form is just as much part of my artistic consideration as the composition.  I may print on canvas, or on metal, perhaps something with a glossy surface. That decision is entirely dictated by the mood of the piece. I want to make sure that the final result that ends up on your wall enhances that story.

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