Karola Steinbrecher

Booth 54


Karola Steinbrecher was born in Germany and now resides north of Toronto. She has been painting for over forty years and is primarily self-taught. She has exhibited in both group and solo shows, won awards for her work, and is a member of artist leagues both in Florida and Ontario.

Karola has a penchant for warm colours and can be detail oriented or abstract in her selection of subjects often presenting a familiar subject with unusual backgrounds. Her use of red hues are most obvious in her present work and she has recently moved to more abstract subject matter. Her pieces are lively and expressive, delivered in very intense colors, on simplified rich backgrounds. The work is very modern and contemporary and illustrates her versatility, particularly in her works of nature.

Karola has shown frequently in galleries, shows and exhibitions in North America and her art has been purchased to private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe.

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