Jennylynd James

Booth 66

Whether you are looking to decorate an entire home, complete a room, or add vitality and professional credibility to an office space you will find the perfect piece HERE.

Artist, Jennylynd James is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She studied Food Science at McGill University, Canada earning a Ph.D. and continued working in this field for over 15 years in Florida, California, Canada, and in the Republic of Ireland. In Ireland Lindy developed Bad Boy Sauces, her own range of Caribbean style sauces and seasonings, and ran this business for five years with artistic flair.
It was in the beautiful seaside village of Tramore, County Waterford she was motivated to start painting. Through private instructors in Waterford she was introduced to oil painting techniques and potraiture. Lindy uses vivid colours and the rich culture of food, dance, Carnival Art, and theatre to influence her work.
Jennylynd now lives in Bloor West Village, Toronto where she has embraced self expression in art as a new career and lifestyle.

As a child I was always absorbed in colour and observation of people and their interactions with each other. I stared with curiosity when visiting the city, the markets, and beaches. I remember looking at photos, magazines, cartoons, and logos, repeatedly. Sketching simple flowers and people on any surface was a favourite pastime. However it was only in later years while living in the seaside town of Tramore, County Waterford in Ireland, my artistic ability was explored as a result of a traumatic loss of a relationship. I plunged into oil painting and ceramics to help me forget. It was then I discovered a hidden talent. I am absorbed in creating images that evoke happiness in the observer.

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