Gloria Blatt

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Gloria Blatt, a graduate of the prestigious Communications and Design program at the Ontario College of Art (OCA), is an accomplished and highly regarded abstract artist. Born in Toronto, Canada, she is inspired by the dynamic and fast paced city that has provided a backdrop for many of her pieces. Her style has evolved from intricately detailed drawings and portraits to colourfully-infused and dramatically vibrant abstracts. Collectors of Gloria’s work rave about her abstract renditions of trees, flowers and outdoor settings. While she has a knack for painting lively urban settings, Gloria is also able to express incredible movement and energy on canvas, giving life to the most extraordinarily created trees and flowers.

Aside from the inspiration she gains from her own city and travels, Gloria’s style of art speaks to her favourite artists: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Chardin, Renoir, Manet, Monet, Haring, Hopper and Bush. Though she may credit her style to these renowned few, her paintings represent a modern, animated and innovative revival of abstract art. It can even be considered therapeutic, according to a Cardioloigst in Texas who decorated the walls of his office with her paintings.

Behind the scenes of each one of Gloria’s paintings is her talent for choosing and mixing colours, textures, and different types of paint (acrylic, oil, spray paint, enamels) so that each canvas is truly unique. Gloria dilutes liquid acrylic paints with glazes and other mediums and she skillfully uses a palette knife to apply the thicker, full bodied paints with maximum texture. Instead of straight lines and right angles, Gloria’s canvasses are filled with various free flowing designs and creations, with the end product being a unified, original piece with a bold statement! Buyers and collectors alike constantly express their admiration and appreciation for the arrangement of perfectly mingled colours on her canvasses.

Her paintings and prints are part of private and corporate art collections across North America and beyond. Her art work is characterized by colour and rich, bold brush strokes. She is passionate about her art work, and her canvasses are testament to that passion. This virtual art gallery offers an impressive selection of new paintings and giclees. Please inquire about commissioned artwork and custom sized giclees.

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