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Ezio Molinari was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is a first generation Canadian, and the son of two Italian immigrants, the source of his passion for Italy and travel photography. He formed the foundation for his career in photography studying stills at Ryerson University, graduating in 1991. His vision and skills led to a rapid ascension to award-winning status in the advertising photography sector, where he earned both recognition and respect as a uniquely talented professional. His photography compositions and reputation resulted in a rapidly expanding career, and work with leading brands including Ford Canada, Tim Hortons, Volvo, Ontario Tourism, Delta Hotels and Better Food Concepts, to name a few. Eventually, his passion led him back to his roots – a love of travel and desire to seek out and capture unique moments, people and places around the world.

At the core of Ezio’s work is a belief that everyone needs a creative outlet, kept separate from everything else; a personal and intimate form of expression, whether it be painting, writing or singing. To his mind, nobody has to see or hear or read these creations, but once in a while something resounds or reverberates, and begs to be shared. It is up to the creator whether that happens or not.

This is the foundation of his work, and the reason that his travel photography is sought in Toronto, across Canada, and around the world. A unique, non-commercial perspective.

In personal terms, it is a startlingly simple choice for Ezio. One that has led to a guiding, personal vision. “One can choose to either live behind the lens or live in the moment. The trick is to find balance so as to be able to absorb the atmosphere, beauty and history of where you are.”

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