Donald Bray

Booth 11

Donald Scott Bray creates fictitious embodiments, composite portrait photographic image painting. Each image includes 30 to 50 photographs of different models including different ethnicity, gender, and environment.

Visually complex, identity and dimensionally perplexing composite images explore future identity as we migrate. Where is serendipity? What is my new identity and how is it affected by different built environments?

A migrant adopts a new identity in a new environment, their journey is complicated, forever questioning, often confusing. Perhaps you recognize this person? You are deceived, yet people remain infinitely interesting and fictitious people have stories to tell.

Similar to Modernists like Picasso and Duchamp, these fictitious embodiments occupy no defined space over multiple points in time. Built environment colours and textures invert fore-mid-background multiple times creating a contradiction: just where is the person within the picture plane?

Inspiration comes from other extremely creative artists including Chuck Close, Freeman Patterson, Odilon Redon’s exquisite line and colour, and Lhasa de Sela’s music – especially her song My Name. I am in the 10% of males with colour vision deficiency, yet people frequently mistake my photographic composites for rich oil paintings.

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