Dan Brambilla

Booth 61


From the beginning of time, horizons have existed throughout the universe. Here on Earth, our prehistoric ancestors were surrounded by the horizon every minute of the day. The mysterious meeting of the sky with land or water, defined the limits of their world. Imagine what they thought as they tried to comprehend spectacular sunrises, sunsets, approaching storm clouds and stars. What was behind that distant line that caused these phenomenal views and what would they find if they could reach there?

My paintings use a minimalistic impressionist style to capture the essence of these vistas—finding universal images and colour combinations that resonate harmonically with our collective unconscious.

In fact, the way certain colours resonate when placed near each other reminds me of musical harmonies that are listened to as one blended and immersive aural experience, even though the sound is comprised of separate notes.

When harmoniously combined, colours pulsate in a blended and beautifully ambiguous manner encouraging our eyes not to distinguish between the colours in the same way our ears do not distinguish the individual musical notes laced in complex harmonies.

This pulsating resonance allows viewers to holistically experience the primordial and universal beauty of horizons with the awe and fascination that our ancestors must have felt…a spiritual and ethereal experience that defies description and perhaps even understanding.

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