Beverly Allen

Booth 49

Why Nomad Art? My art is formed by the places I’ve lived and visited. By the time I was 5, I’d lived in 3 states across the United States. My childhood in Illinois formed my artist’s eye as I wandered through ravines and woods, watching the sun glint on water, pool in between the trees, the colours of wild flowers and all the shades of green in sun and shadow. Even as I’ve worked in other fields, I constantly evaluate composition, and value as I appreciate the world around me.

My latest explorations in art follow my interest in layers – the glimpse of what is underneath and how we interpret what we can’t entirely see. Influenced by Chinese art and ancient manuscripts, I’m finding a language of my own scratched into the paintings I produce. As an acrylic painter, there’s fun and exploration in incorporating various mediums into the paintings. I hope you like the paintings. I’m curious what you see in them. And I’ll continue to explore the language of my art to share with you.

If you would like to have one of my paintings, email or message me. I also do commissions.

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