Annette Gaffney

Booth 62

Born in Birmingham, England to Irish parents, I came to Canada when I was 9 years’ old, always knowing that I would be an artist one day. Many years later, I am still making art. There is no rule that says art has to have a deep and profound meaning or message, but looking at art does have an effect on us. It has a strong aesthetic value and ability to affect our mood. I want my art to have a positive effect on the people who view it. A smile is what I look for when people view my work; high-colour acrylic canvases of stylized landscapes, scenes and themes. Representational and detailed in many ways, yet the perspective is quirky, emphasized by vibrant hues and pureness of pigment, it is a visual medley of a lifetime of influences. I approach my favourite subjects in two different ways: Outlined and theme-based and whimsical landscapes. What unifies the work is the primary palette. Having worked with school children and those with special needs, I believe in the therapeutic value of creativity. This inspired me to pursue my psychology degree toward becoming an art therapist. I hope that viewers feel the joy of life and humour my work is meant to convey.

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