Buying original art is a wonderful way to make your home a personal reflection of your tastes. At the same time, you are supporting an artist committed to their craft. Here are a few tips to help:

See Lots of Art. Take the time to talk to the artists and find out what their inspirations are. Artists love to talk about their processes, helping you to understand the inspiration behind the work. It may take some time to appreciate abstract art or that unique piece of digital art.

Do Some Research. A good place to start is by looking through the ArtWalk in the Square Aritsts Galleries to see what you are attracted to. Most artists will have additional work, an Artists Statement and Exhibition Listing on their website so you can better appreciate their vision.

Trust your Gut. If you love a piece, you will really love it once you live with it. Don’t be concerned that you “don’t know anything about art”; you are the only one who has to love it.

Know your Budget. A great way to ease into the market is to purchase smaller works. A classic is to purchase a “square foot”, a very common size for artists. You can always find a space for a work that size or group them together to create impact.

Photography and Prints. Art photography is a perfect way to bring original art into your home. Photographers and print-makers will only produce a limited number of pieces. Look for the edition number and ask the artist how many of each piece they print. You can often order a print you like in a different size or medium. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t Haggle. Generally pieces in outdoor shows are already an excellent deal. Artists may offer a deal if you purchase more than one piece or if it is particularly large.

Does it Fit. It can be a challenge to visualize a piece in your own space. If you are unsure, ask to see a piece in your home. Many artists will be happy for this opportunity to bring a few pieces to your home so you can see them in your space.. Typically, you can put a larger piece in your home than you might think.

Where to Hang it. Smaller works tend to be more intimate while larger pieces usually benefit from some distance and are perfect in larger rooms. Smaller pieces are also great in bathrooms and narrow hallways. Many artists will deliver their work and help you hang it.

Incorporating original art into your home can be a life-long pursuit. We hope that ArtWalk in the Square is a place where you’ll get to know artists individually and start building your collection.